Wednesday, May 28, 2008

River Cruises and Rides

The Kelantan River is one of the more magnificient rivers in South-east Asia and is the only river known to flow northwards.

The name of the river can be quite confusing due to the peculiar nomenclature of a Malay for her rivers. All the great rivers of other states in the country such as the Perak River, Pahang River and including the Kelantan river, are called after, or as seems equally probable have given their names to the State of which they are the main artery.

The peculiarity of the Kelantan River consists in fact that instead of tracing the rivers so named along the main channels and right up to their principal source, regarding all lesser confluent streams as tributaries, the Malay runs them to earth in some creek near the mouth of the first tributary, above the confluence of which the main streams take a new name, only to lose it again when the next big tributary is met.

Thus, the main river of Kelantan is known as the Betis for the first twenty miles of her course, then as the Nenggiri, then as the Galas and ultimately as the Kelantan River when it joins the Lebir at Kuala Krai to flow into the South China Sea at Kuala Besar.

Extracted from The Kelantan River and its Bridges by Mike Wrigglesworth

Lebir River

There are a few river trips you can take to explore the interior or the rustic part of Kelantan. The Kelantan River was the main means of transportation in the ancient days. By taking a river cruise or ride you will be transported back in time.

If you are lucky enough, villagers along the river(s) will share their findings from the river(s) with you, such as ancient weapons, keris, spearheads and even coins.

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